Nice to meet you!

How nice that you are in my webshop. I hope that you can find all kinds of nice things and that I (now we!) can pack and send them to you in their most beautiful way. Because that is why I started the shop. Passion for paper and wrapping! Measure me! Amanda! The face behind the webshop!

Started out of love...

I started the webshop out of my love for paper, my addiction to notebooks and a new agenda for every month :) I know, too bad. I have always collected beautiful stationery and can fall in love with beautiful ribbon or a nice pen! To justify my collection, I went online with my webshop and hope that you fall in love with the stuff as much as I do! I worked for the largest card brand in the world for years and that made me very happy! Because let's be honest, what could be more fun than buying and sending cards? Okay, I can think of a few other things but you get my point. :)

How did I start my webshop? I will tell you...

As a young girl, I (Amanda) walked with my grandmother through the Hallmark Crown stores in Canada, the country where I was born. There I walked along the shelves and looked at the beautiful shiny wrapping paper with matching ribbons and at Snoopy who was so cute on a greeting card. My love for stationery was born, and never left! I could look at it for hours and over the years collected my own favorite collection. Pens, notebooks, bookmarks... too many to mention. When I started working at Hallmark Netherlands years later (now living in the Netherlands), I came full circle and I enjoyed every day all the beautiful things I was allowed to sell.

Still, I was missing something and I started designing & coming up with some collections myself, and started my webshop in the attic in 2017. What started as a hobby is now a business complete with a building & a great team around me!

YAYYYY! Make every day special with gorgeous paper is my motto and from that perspective I design all my creations!

Love, Amanda and Team Stationery & Gift